Pecan Bubble Ring Coffee Cake

Pecan Bubble Ring 6 800 w title

Pecan bubble ring. I grew up on this stuff and love to serve it when overnight company comes a-calling. It’s good for so many reasons:

  • All of the prep work (can I really even call it work?) is done the night before;
  • It makes for great left overs (just pop a piece in the microwave);
  • You can substitute the pecans for other nuts (we’ve often used peanuts);
  • And the obvious – ooey, gooey sweet rolls in excess. (The inner-most pieces are my favorite.)

I happened to prepare our latest Pecan Bubble Ring late last Saturday night knowing we had a long Sunday ahead of us – an 8-hour child birth class, to be specific.

Pecan Bubble Ring 1 800

Sure, we had opted for the 1-day stretch over the alternative  (4 consecutive Tuesdays for 2 hours a pop) but what we weren’t planning on was the gorgeous weather. This particular Sunday must have been the nicest day of the summer so far and we were going to spend it in the basement of a hospital. Ouch.

If nothing else, we had a sweet and filling breakfast to get us out the door and keep us satisfied until we could sneak outside for a lunch break.

Aside from swapping out the pecans for your nut-of-choice, I would advise against any major recipe changes.  I did, however, cover the coffee cake with foil for about 3/4 of the baking time and then let the top brown the last few minutes. You should have a nice golden top (errrr, bottom?) when it comes out of the oven.

Pecan Bubble Ring 2 800

Be sure to use a plate big enough to catch all the extra glaze when you go to flip her over. Losing any of this sweetness to the counter top or floor would be a crime (punishable by 8 hours in a child birth class).

Pean Bubble Ring 3 800

Just kidding – we learned a lot. Ask us in two months whether or not we applied any of it while in labor :)

Pecan Bubble Ring

*Prepare the evening before serving

2 bags of Rhodes frozen dinner rolls (Make sure they are not the pre-baked “warm & serve” version) – apx. 20 rolls total
1 box regular (cook & serve) vanilla pudding (not instant) – the smaller box, apx 3 oz.
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup melted butter

Grease a bundt pan and sprinkle the nuts on the bottom.
In a bowl, combine the dry pudding mix, brown sugar, and cinnamon.
Dip each frozen roll in the melted butter, then roll in the pudding/cinnamon mixture.
Place rolls in the bundt pan, making sure they’re evenly distributed.
Sprinkle any remaining pudding/cinnamon mixture over the rolls in the pan.
Cover the pan with plastic wrap and let sit on the counter over night.
The next morning, bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes – cover the top with foil if browning too quickly.
Let sit, inverted on a plate for several minutes before removing the bundt pan.

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