(Early) Spring Cupcakes

The official start to Spring is just two weeks away and I can’t help but think today’s warm weather and cloudless sky was the perfect preview to the welcome season change.

This morning I happily left my coat in the hall closet, popped my car sunroof open and drove to work with two containers of brightly colored treats sitting next to me on the passenger seat, ready to be shared. It might be a few days too early, but what better way to celebrate the oncoming season than with light and sweet vanilla cupcakes decorated to the hilt in pinks and greens and yellows?

I started with my favorite recipe for  vanilla cupcakes which just happens to be Magnolia Bakery’s recipe. Fancy that! I also decided to make both mini and regular sized cupcakes in order to stretch the recipe out a bit.

After letting the cupcakes cool completely I set up for my decorating session:

  • A bag of mini marshmallows
  • Kitchen shears and a plate
  • Sanding sugars in any colors you choose
  • Sugar pearls (like these, found at Michaels)
  • Icing and something to spread it with

Frost a cupcake.
I like to focus on one cupcake at a time so that the icing stays wet enough to allow the marshmallows to stick and sink in a little. Kind of like glue.

Cut the marshmallows diagonally using a knife or kitchen shears. Because marshmallows tend to dry out quickly I never cut too many at once. Typically, I’ll cut about 20 at a time and then cut more when I run out.

Dip the cut edge of each marshmallow in the sanding sugar.
The side that’s cut is sticky enough to hold the sugar while the rest of the marshmallow stays white, creating a nice outline of each petal.

Place the petal on the cupcake.
I always start on the outside edge and work my way in. The fatter side of the marshmallow should be the end that adheres to the icing, while the pointier end acts as the tip of the petal. You can even give it a little pinch for more definition.

Voila! Repeat with the remaining cupcakes and store in an airtight container!

Happy (almost) Spring!

*There is an original source for this idea however, I can’t remember where I found it! If you recognize this cupcake design let me know so I can give credit where credit is due! Thanks :)

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